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Amber Tilander
Business Coaching + Consulting

Optimize your business processes, create efficient workflows and receive professional business coaching.

Amber Tilander - Owner of Amber Tilander Business Coaching and Consulting

About Amber Tilander

As a business coach and consultant, I have helped many businesses overcome challenges and reach their full potential. I specialize in optimizing business processes, creating efficient workflows, and providing professional business coaching to management teams and executives.

Services Offered

Business Process Optimization

I offer business process optimization services that aim to improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Together, we will identify areas for improvement, streamline workflows, and implement effective solutions.

Workflow, SOP & Process Map Creations

I specialize in creating customized workflows, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and process maps that are tailored to your business needs. These documents help ensure consistency, quality, and efficiency in your operations.

Business Coaching & Consulting

I offer professional business coaching and consulting services to management teams and executives. My coaching sessions are designed to help you develop leadership skills, improve communication, and achieve your business goals.

Strategic Planning

I provide strategic planning services that help businesses define their goals, develop actionable plans, and measure progress towards success.


Riverside University Health Systems

"Mrs. Tilander worked with our organization in the capacity of a contract lean/six-sigma
consultant. I have observed her working with large to small groups on projects designed
to decrease the difficulty of operations that had the effect of reducing the cost of doing
business with a large local government organization."

- Jeffrey E.

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